Programming Curriculum

Within the first few weeks of learning to code, I applied to an Immersive Bootcamp program to speed up my process. Little did I know that when you get to the technical interview, you have to have a basic knowledge of functions, data structures, loops, and arrays in order to complete the challenges and knowing how to execute your thought process. I applied anyway to see what my experience would be like and to my surprise I got into the Online Immersive Program. I was disappointed though and declined the offer but it also gave me motivation to keep going because I would definitely get good and get better enough for the in-person immersive program if I kept practicing. There are SO many free resources for us to use. The Internet is our education and if you look hard enough, you’ll find everything you need to. I started off learning JavaScript and Ruby.

This is the curriculum I’ve created for myself SO far to get good enough (and even better) to get into a Bootcamp Program:

  • HTML/CSS (Codecademy)
  • General Assembly (Dash Course)
  • Build a Tumblr Theme (or a few Tumblr themes) using HTML/CSS
  • JavaScript (Codecademy)
  • jQuery (Codecademy)
  • Flatiron School Bootcamp Prep JavaScript Course (again from the start!)
  • Ruby (Codecademy)
  • Flatiron School Ruby Fundamental’s Course

After I complete this, I’m going to create a second curriculum using resources like CodeSchool, edX, Udacity, Coursera, FreeCodeCamp, and TeamTreeHouse.

What’s your curriculum? What am I missing? What language are you learning?