Software Engineering

How the Internet Works

I started dabbling in a new course called The Web Developer Bootcamp taught by Colt Steele on Udemy as a way to prepare myself better for an in-person immersive bootcamp program. One of the very first things that intrigued me about this course was learning about how the internet works. I’ve taken some computer science courses in college and not one of them emphasized on the process that happens behind-the-scenes of a web page.

When you enter a URL in your browser, you’re essentially requesting data and the server is responding back with that data. When you start doing back-end development, it’s going to be your job to figure out what kind of data to send back to the user. I think it’s fascinating that we’re at a point of such high-level technology that the Internet sends back data within seconds. Remember dial up Internet?! That took forever for websites to load.

I thought this video was extremely interesting and recommend everyone to watch it. It explains exactly what the Internet does in order to send and receive information and display it in our browsers as the pretty websites we see.